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Close the door on inefficient refrigerated cases

If open refrigerated cases line the aisles of your store, warm air mingling with the product could be squandering 70 to 80 percent of your refrigeration load. Adding glass doors to these open displays is a proven way to prevent that wasted energy and cut your operating costs. EnergySmart Grocer offers cash rebates and technical assistance to set the savings in motion.

Rebate and savings info

Annual savings from adding 10 doors
Add 10 Doors
Annual Electric Savings Annual Gas Savings Electric Incentive Gas Incentive Annual Savings + Incentive
18,950 kWh 840 therms $1,110 $1,110 $4,786

Another 10 case doors will double the savings, giving you extra reason to make sure all of your cases are fitted with this energy-saving solution.

Cash rebates are available to offset the upfront costs. Specific rebate amounts vary by utility. Contact us for details or select from the utility pages below for more information.

Five bonus benefits that make the case for adding doors

  1. HVAC efficiency — The glass doors stop cool air from spilling out of your refrigerated cases and into the aisles. This takes a major load off your HVAC system, and in some instances, furnaces have actually been turned off because the store is that much warmer.
  2. Customer satisfaction — Warmer aisles improve comfort, creating a better shopping experience. Happy customers are more likely to spend extra time in the aisle shopping and buying, and the well-lit displays make it easy to find what they need.
  3. A fresh new look — Today’s add doors are specially designed to give an open feel that highlights products with a clean look and bright LED lighting.
  4. Greater product quality — More consistent case temperatures improve product quality and longevity. The doors also prevent airborne dust and dirt from entering shelves
  5. Lower maintenance and operational costs — Adding doors reduces defrost frequency, keeps refrigeration equipment happy, and even lessens lighting costs with energy-efficient LEDs.

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EnergySmart Grocer has local energy experts in your area. Get in touch to learn more about this offer and how your store can benefit.

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